19 Oktober 2010

10 Necessary MediaWiki Extensions

Mediawiki is a popular PHP application used to power a lot of websites including Wikipedia. The main Mediawiki advantage implies the possibility to extend easily with the help of numerous useful plugins. So here is the list of the most significant Mediawiki extensions that will save your time and provide new facilities.
  1. Semantic Mediawiki
    This extension allows you to add structured data to the wiki pages via wikitext markup. With Semantic Mediawiki it is easier to search, browse, manage and share wiki content.
  2. CategoryTree
    CategoryTree is an extension that pictures the category structure of the wiki dynamically as a tree. in order to load tree parts if necessary it uses AJAX.
  3. Inputbox
    Inputbox extension serves for adding predefined HTML forms to the wiki pages. Originally it was invented for Wikinews and served as a facility for adding a “Create an article” box.
  4. Discussion Threading
    Creates a threaded process for the talks and discussions including reply processing and auto tagging.
  5. ArticleComments
    ArticleComments Mediawiki extension is aimed at providing facilities for establishing inline blog-like comment forms for wiki articles.
  6. CheckUser
    CheckUser allows you to check the visitors’ IPs. With its help you can check what is the IP address of this or that visitor and which usernames are under certain IP.
  7. ContactPage
    ContactPage is an extension for creating contact form for your visitors. It establishes a Special:Contact page that maintains fixed recipient and allows you to use it anonymously.
  8. SimpleFeed
    SimpleFeed extension is aimed at outpuying the content of the RSS feed and is distinguished by possibility of customization. You don’t have to edit PHP source and can accomplish all necessary tasks in the wiki page.
  9. FlashMP3
    FlashMP3 is used for embodiment of a Flash player for mp3 files playback and is based on the Audio Player Wordpress plugin. You are allowed to customize the appearance of the player according to your preferences.
  10. VideoFlash
    VideoFlash extension is responsible for displaying videos from GoogleVideo, Sevenload, Youtube, Revver and other FLV format based services. 
take from : mediawiki2u.com

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